Underbelly Magazine is currently working on a large piece centring on the problems between the Daniel Family and the Lyons family. We feel the press has been biased and have never attempted to print factual information concerning this topic. We are going to rectify this. We will be doing this by accessing all the articles published on this matter by all press outlets and pointing out the blatant inaccuracies within them.

The coverage has been less than accurate and, in our opinion, is being used to influence future jury members in past and present court cases. The garb we read in some tabloids is an exaggeration. After months of research, we are confident we can prove how certain reporters set out to attack one family while leaving the other to get on with what they do.

We will be covering the article from 2007 to the present day. The information will be new and explosive.

Caught in the Crossfire: Scotland's Deadliest Drugs War. A Reporters ramblings blaming one family... Underbelly assessment = Just out right inaccurate bias shite. Underbelly assessment. 10% accurate... Only scored for correct names, places etc

These articles are a very minute amount of the articles, blogs, posts and published books on this so-called war. It seems any gang fight, drug dispute, or crime is down to the conflict between the Lyons and the Daniels. The press has had a free go at this for over two decades. However, none have yet to go for the facts. It doesn't suit the press's narrative. The Crown or the Police want the press to push onto the public.

So we have been working away, speaking to "Sources" the press cannot access. The press uses the word source—Rebeca Grays favourite line. Certain media outlets have now put Russell Findlay out to pasture with a top new job as a way of saying thanks. Findlay is now the tory parties Scottish SPIN doctor. How suitable, the man has been spinning a web of lies for years. Now he has been rewarded. See how the establishment looks after its own. He: Findlay has passed the reigns to Gray. She has now inherited his fictional sources. Rebeca's court reporting was accurate; it had to be. However, the garbage that is spouting from the fingers and keyboard is beyond bullshit. She writes in a way that makes her source identifiable., as most will know.

So watch out for the new article, book, post etc. It will be the bare facts of the whole saga that we promise.

Non Criminal bit players.

Billy McAllister

Alex O'Kane

Steven Purcell

Russell Findlay

John McCabe

Thomas McDonald

Jack McConnell

Bridget McConnell

Robert Daniel

No Russell -  make it up - Findlay