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The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry shortcomings are a danger to survivors




Title: Unveiling the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry:

A Barbaric Treatment of Victims.

Underbelly True Crime




The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry, established in 2015, was intended to provide justice to survivors of historical abuse in various Scottish institutions. However, its treatment of victims throughout the process has been nothing short of shocking, endangering the pursuit of truth and justice. This scathing assessment aims to expose the failures and shortcomings of the inquiry, highlighting the continued mistreatment of survivors and the unjust practices that have marred its reputation.


1. Insufficient Support for Victims:

The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry has demonstrated a severe lack of empathy and consideration for the well being of survivors. Numerous victims have spoken out about the insufficient support provided, forcing them to relive their traumatic experiences without adequate emotional assistance or counseling. This neglect not only disregards their mental health but also undermines their ability to effectively present their experiences, damaging the prospects of a fair investigation.


2. Delayed Justice and Evasive



The inquiry's proceedings have been plagued by excessive delays, bureaucratic red tape, and evasive tactics, showcasing a disregard for survivors seeking justice. Time and time again, victims have been left waiting for their voice to be heard, only to be met with avoidable obstacles that hinder the progress of the inquiry. Such delays not only prolong the suffering of survivors but also allow perpetrators to escape accountability.


3. Limited Scope and Incomplete Investigation:


The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry has faced criticism for its narrow focus, limiting the investigation to specific institutions and excluding others. By failing to broaden its scope and include all relevant organizations, the inquiry inadvertently perpetuates an incomplete understanding of the systemic failings that enabled child abuse to occur. This selective methodology risks shielding certain perpetrators, preventing a comprehensive and impartial examination of the issue.


4. Lack of Transparency and Public Confidence:


Transparency is crucial for an inquiry of this magnitude; sadly, the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry has fallen short in this regard. The lack of openness and clear communication has eroded public confidence in the inquiry's ability to fulfill its objectives and deliver justice. The limited accessibility of information, repeated clashes with stakeholders, and inadequate explanation of decisions have all contributed to a profound sense of distrust among survivors and the wider public.


5. Damaged Reputations and Lost Opportunities:


The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry's mishandling of victims' testimonies and its overall treatment of survivors have damaged its own reputation and created an environment of mistrust. Many victims have withdrawn from the inquiry due to the distress and re-traumatisation they experienced during proceedings, which can only be seen as a failure on the part of those responsible for ensuring a safe and supportive environment for survivors. The lost opportunities for genuine healing and justice for victims are inexcusable and further reflect the inquiry's ineptitude.




In its handling of victims and survivors, the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry has demonstrated a shocking disregard for their welfare and pursuit of justice. The lack of appropriate support, delayed justice, limited scope, and evasive tactics all contribute to a deeply flawed process. It is imperative that swift action is taken to rectify these shortcomings, providing survivors with the respect, dignity, and support they deserve in their quest for justice and healing. Only then can the inquiry truly serve its purpose and deliver on its promises .

We also discovered that during the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry, Glasgow Social Work Department severely let down the survivors of historic abuse while they were in the care of the Scottish Government

Their record keeping and the deletion of records that proved the abuse, were  either deleted or destroyed. Same with their care home records. The staff at Larch-grove remand home names have been deleted. However ,if it wasn't for other survivors remembering the same names of staff then there would be no case to answer. This alone prevented myself from going civil with my case and the redress scheme is not fit  for purpose. In my opinion. been nothing less than disgusting.


This Inquiry has brought to light a dark chapter in Scotland's history, exposing the systematic abuse suffered by vulnerable children in various care institutions in Scotland

While children that were abused were reporting this abuse to their Social Worker. No investigation or protection was offered to the children. Instead, the reports were destroyed, deleted or hidden. Underbelly True Crime discovered this was to protect the abusers and said institutions from prosecution and to cut the workload in the Social Work Department - states one ex Glasgow Social Worker:


The first major failing of the Glasgow Social Work department revealed during the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry was its inadequate investigation into allegations of abuse. Overwhelming evidence has shown that numerous instances of abuse were reported to social workers by children, but action was either delayed or failed to materialize entirely. The department's inability to respond promptly and effectively exacerbated the suffering of vulnerable children, allowing abusers to continue their heinous actions with impunity.

Further exacerbating the problem, even when social workers acknowledged the abuse, the Glasgow Social Work department often prioritized preserving the reputation of the perpetrators or institutions over the safety and well being of the children. This systemic failure demonstrates a flawed approach that favored protecting abusers and their organizations rather than ensuring justice and safeguarding the victims.

Another concerning aspect of Glasgow Social Work department's response to the inquiry has been its failure to adequately support survivors of abuse.

The testimonies provided by survivors during the inquiry have shed light on the lack of appropriate support and care they received following their traumatic experiences.

Survivors have highlighted the insensitivity and lack of empathy displayed by social workers. Many reported feeling dismissed, ignored, or re traumatized by the department's handling of their cases. This failure to provide necessary support to survivors, particularly when they were at their most vulnerable, not only perpetuated their pain and suffering but also undermined their trust in the system designed to protect them.

The lack of accountability and transparency within the Glasgow Social Work Department (Pollok) is yet another area where significant failings have been uncovered. The inquiry has revealed alarming instances where crucial evidence was withheld or destroyed, hindering the pursuit of justice for survivors and the identification of those responsible for the abuse.

Additionally, the department's resistance to external scrutiny and a culture of secrecy has eroded public trust and confidence in its ability to tackle child abuse cases effectively. Without meaningful accountability and transparency, it becomes difficult to identify the root causes of the department's shortcomings and implement the necessary reforms to prevent such failures from reoccurring.

Addressing the failings of the Glasgow Social Work department and ensuring justice for survivors is the only way forward and it requires comprehensive reform from Glasgow Social Work Department to safeguard vulnerable children effectively. It is crucial to establish robust processes for the investigation and protection of children, ensuring social workers are equipped with the necessary resources and training to respond promptly and effectively to abuse allegations.

Moreover, survivors deserve a compassionate and supportive response from social workers, with trauma-informed practices at the forefront. Adequate funding and resources must be allocated to provide ongoing support services for survivors, fostering healing and recovery.

Furthermore, establishing clear lines of accountability and promoting transparency within the department will help restore public trust in its ability to protect children from abuse. This necessitates independent oversight of inquiries and investigations, ensuring all actions taken are impartial and aim to deliver justice.

The failings of the Glasgow Social Work Department during the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry are deeply troubling and indicative of a significant disservice to vulnerable children and survivors of abuse. A new department with robust reforms, greater accountability, transparency, and improved support services for survivors is urgently needed to rectify this department's repeated failings and prevent such atrocities from occurring in the future. Only through these measures can we hope to provide justice and healing for survivors and eradicate the systemic failures that allowed the re-abusing of the abused to persist for far too long, with some survives suffering from re-abuse longer than the original abuse they received while in the care of the Scottish Government.

How can this be right?

Then we have our current SNP government. Who may I say, "screamed" for this Inquiry to take place. They buy Motor homes, Christmas gifts, shop Amazon, just spend our countries money on what they want. While us survivors sit back and watch them enjoy themselves as much as the care home staff who carried out the abuse had done so many years ago.

A free for all, back then on children, modern day on other people's money.

That's our Government for you.

What about the survivors?

The PR spin has now gone. Now it's a hindrance to them, well us survivors are a hindrance to them. A piece of shit on their shoes, as we have always been. Sad, but true.

Larchgrove Remand Home Glasgow.

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